Management Services

Through its affiliate, Trinity Lifestyles Management, Solomon focuses on continuous, concentrated administration, while balancing an organizations mission within margin. The business world is moving at unprecedented speed, expecting outcomes that are faster, better, and cheaper. Senior living communities are a highly complex blend of real estate, hospitality, and health care. While revenue enhancement is critical to success, attention must be continually given to managing expenses and providing high quality care so that customers are satisfied, price points remain reasonable, and returns to investors are maximized. For example: A 5% increase in net operating margin can translate to a 200+ basis improvement to cash on cash return.

Solomon Management Support Functions

  • National Best Practices
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Acuity of Care and Pricing Analysis
  • Operational Enhancement Studies
  • Organizational and Change Strategy
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Accounting Services
  • Risk Management Audits
  • Litigation Support