Advisory Services

Through its affiliate, Solomon Investment Partners and Advisory Services, Solomon actively seeks acquisition of both well performing, class A opportunities, as well as discounted paper securing assets that have underperformin tendencies. Solomon has acquired a leasehold or ownership interest in 19 communities representing approximately $252,300,000. Solomon actively seeks development partnership opportunities with organizations desiring to spread risk and/or raise capital outside of its current credit/debt facilities.

Solomon acts as a conduit/advisor for under-performing assets in the sector. With the increased complexity of long-term care, regulatory constraints/mandates and increased "cost-creep" for delivering services, many assets have found that their original basis is too high to generate an adequate return on capitalization. Solomon has worked with financial institutions across the country to advise on the restructuring of debt, disposition of mortgage and/or sale of assets.

Other Specialized Services

  • Covert Acquisition and/or Development Partner
  • Asset Management Services including Portfolio Advisor
  • Investment Advisory and Transaction Support
  • Corporate Restructuring Expert
  • Inward Investment Services
  • Capital Formation Through Broad Banking and Investment Relationships
  • Divestiture Advisor
  • Cash-Flow Analysis and Projection
  • Liquidity Advice
  • Court Appointed Receiver Services
  • Crisis Management
  • Out-of-Court Restructuring